shitsuji sama

A cut from the 3rd drama cd. 🙂

This one’s my favorite so I translated it. ^^ This is not 100% accurate so please excuse my errors, thanks. 🙂

you can download the drama cds here:

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Harumi: oh.. I’m feeling a bit tired now..

Hakuou: What..? Uhm.. Harumi-san.. Could it be that you came here today because you were worried about me?

Harumi: ooh..? You’re unexpectedly self-conscious now..

Hakuou: uh.. you’re suddenly saying that..

*Ryou approaches them*

Ryou: Sakisaka-san! Hakuou!

Hakuou: Himura.. hey, you might fall!

Ryou: Sakisaka-san.. everyone wanted to say farewell to you.. they are all waiting for you at the main entrance. All the students of B-class are calling you “aniki” (older brother/superior). It’s my first time seeing them like this.

Hakuou: They’re all looking up to you..

Harumi: It was “kapka” (sir) before and now it’s “aniki” huh.. It will just be difficult to say good bye to them so I’ll just pass.

Ryou: No, but.. everyone is waiti-

Harumi: Hakuou, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’m sure you can handle this kind of thing..

Hakuou: that’s.. don’t just decide like tha-

Harumi: Today was a lot of fun. I was able to have a match with you too..

Hakuou: But that is.. I just won by chance..

Ryou: Geez.. Hakuou.. a win is a win.. isn’t it Sakisaka-san?

Harumi: Of course.. You’ve done well.

Hakuou: Harumi-san…

Harumi: Hmmm… but you still have a long way to go before becoming a good exclusive butler.

Hakuou: Why is that..?

Harumi: Why you ask.. *whispers* “Whenever Ryou-chan is around, you get so agitated..”

Hakuou: Ughh..

Ryou: What’s the matter Hakuou? Sakisaka-san, what did you tell him?

Harumi: Why don’t you ask him Ryou-chan..

*gets inside the car*

Harumi: It’s just like you said.

Ryou: Hai!

Harumi: Let’s meet again..

*Harumi leaves*

Hakuou: What was that talk about?

Ryou: Hmm…? By the way Hakuou, what did Sakisaka-san say to you?

Hakuou: He didn’t tell me anything…

Ryou: You’re lying~ he definitely told you something.. ah~! he ran. Wait Hakuou~!

Hakuou: No!

Ryou: Why won’t you tell me~!

Hakuou: I refuse!

Ryou: Geez.. alright~! I’ve caught you~!!! *falls down*

Hakuou: Waaah- That’s dangerous! What are you doing..! What will I do If you get hurt..?!

Ryou: I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Did it hurt?

Hakuou: I should be asking you that~! If something happens to you I’ll get bothered..

Ryou: Oh, I see.. I’ll worry and bother you..

Hakuou: That’s not it..

Ryou: It’s not like that..? then why..?

Hakuou: Why you say… that’s because you are im..

Ryou: Im..?

Hakuou: Imp..

Ryou: Imp?

Hakuou: *in a low voice* It can’t be helped that you are important to me…

Ryou: You should just say it clearly~

Hakuou: Taiyaki!! (a japanese fish-shaped cake) It’s Taiyaki!! I told you that I ate taiyaki yesterday right.

(He meant Taisetsu – important but said Taiyaki instead. xD)

Ryou: It doesn’t seem like that.. ;__;

Hakuou: It’s your fault for not listening properly. Anyway.. you…

Ryou: What is it?

Hakuou: Since how long do you plan to stay above me?
Ryou: *realizes* ack. *__*

Aww.. these two are just so cute. why don’t you just get married already? X3 ♥♥♥

btw, Sakisaka Harumi-san used to be Hakuou’s senior at the academy. 🙂 If im not mistaken, he will appear in vol.5 of the manga. ^^


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